Does Elexan Work? Elexan is a male enhancement product that is attached to your skin as a patch that allegedly helps with erection quality and low libido. According to the marketing for the product pills and regular supplements don’t dissolve fast enough and not all of the ingredients are digested properly. Some how by supplying Read more


Does Elexia Work? Elexia is a male enhancement product made by a company that does not seem to want to be found. There is no official website for the product or for the manufacturer. You can only purchase this product through third party retailers. It is possible that the company has shut it’s doors and Read more


Does Enactra Work? Enactra is a male enhancement product that is sold as a ‘strip’ which allegedly dissolves on your tongue, similar to a breath strip. According to the marketing this helps make the product work almost instantly, unlike supplements that come in pill form. This is very misleading as even with the strip design Read more


Does Endowmax Work? Endowmax is a male enhancement product that is advertised to help with low libido, erection difficulties and other issues. Though the advertising does not state it, it is implied that the product will increase the size of your penis. For example this is mentioned on the home page for the product: “There Read more


Does Enduranz Work? Enduranz is a male enhancement product made by Natural Quality Corp. This company seems to be based in the Philippians. The official website for the product is written in broken English and really doesn’t explain much about the product or the company at all. The website is filled with pictures of men Read more


Does EndureRX Work? EndureRX is a male enhancement product that according to our research is no longer on the market. This does not seem to have been caused by any recall but could simply be because it was not profitable for the company. When the product was still available the company that marketed it used Read more


Does EndurMax Work? Endurmax is a male enhancement product that does not seem to be on the market any more. It was made by a company that does not publish any information about itself. In fact it’s as if they intentionally hide themselves. The product is not available from any official source. It can only Read more


Does It Work? This product is one whose place of origin and manufacturer we couldn’t identify because we found no company or product website for Enduros, meaning we saw no scientific data from clinical trials or other research whose studies would support any of the product’s claims and no company contact information, which is always Read more


Does EnerX Work? EnerX is yet another in a long list of products that promises to increase the size of your penis. It must be noted that there is no ingredient or product on earth that can make your penis any larger. The only way to do this is with expensive and invasive surgery. The Read more

Enhance 9

Does Enhance 9 Work? Enhance 9 is a male enhancement supplement made by EyeFive, a company based in the United States that does not seem to make any other products. There is very little information available on this company. This is slightly worrying as more trustworthy companies are far more transparent. This company uses a Read more

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