Does DuraMale Work? DuraMale is a male enhancement product that claims it can help you last longer in bed and cure premature ejaculation. Supposedly it accomplishes this with a mix of all natural herbs. As of this writing there have been no clinical trials or scientific studies that have shown herbs can help you increase Read more


Does Durexo Work? Durexo is a male enhancement supplement made by a company that has gone a long way to hide who they are. There are no contact details at all for this company, not even a Pobox. This makes it almost impossible to lodge an official complaint against the company if they do any Read more

Duro Extend

Does Duro Extend Work? Duro Extend was a male enhancement tablet that was voluntarily recalled shortly after it’s launch. This recall was caused by an independent laboratory test commissioned by the FDA. This test found the product contained a generic form of Viagra. This ingredient is incredibly dangerous to some individuals and should only be Read more


Does Duroil Work? Duroil is a male enhancement product whose manufacturing company claims can increase the size of your penis. The company claims that with 15 minutes of massaging the oil into your penis you’ll have a bigger penis that is harder than ever before. It must be noted that this product CAN NOT increase Read more


Duromite™ is made in the United States by a company called PureVive Health Sciences LLC which manufactures many health and wellness supplements. According to the company website; ‘Our researchers pore over mountains of academic, published, and scientific journals, to help insure that all our formulas deliver real results. And we’re committed to refining and updating Read more


Does Ecomplex Work? E Complex is a male enhancement supplement made by a company called ‘Twin Lab’ that does not seem to be around any more. The product itself seems to have been discontinued, at least from any official source. The product does seem to be available at some third party retailers. These should be Read more


Does it Work? Ejacublow was made in the United States by Eden Pond Labs, though there is no mention of this product on the company website, which often indicates a product may have been discontinued, though it is still widely available online. Unfortunately this meant we saw no scientific data from clinical trials or other Read more

Ejaculoid Review

Unlike most of the male enhancement products we review here at Scitex, Ejaculoid is not meant to help with erection difficulties or libido. It’s one and only purpose is to give a man ‘explosive’ orgasms that contain a lot of semen. The product is made by Goliath Labs, a natural supplement company that makes many Read more


Does Ejacumax Work? Ejacumax is a male enhancement product made by the Austin Research Institute. This same company makes many other male enhancement products that are not really based on science and research but instead on marketing. This company is not a school or research center but a for profit company that markets male enhancement Read more

Elevate Male Enhancement System

Does it Work? Elevate is a prime example of what to avoid among male enhancement products. It is apparently manufactured by a company called Ceuticant, for whom we could not discover any information whatsoever; not exactly a reassuring sign of legitimacy. The Elevate website does not include any scientific data from clinical trials or studies Read more

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