Controlled Labs Blue Up

Does Controlled Labs Blue Up Work? Controlled Labs Blue Up is a male enhancement product that is only available through third party retailers. It comes in both a stimulant and non-stimulant version. The stimulant version contains yohimbe which we will go into more detail about in the next section. The company that makes the product Read more


Does it Work? Cyvita® appears to be made in the United States by a company of the same name; According to the company website, ‘Cyvita® helps increase men’s strength, Stamina and Sexual Performance . Cyvita ® helps men achieve Longer, Stronger and more frequent erections If you want to improve your sexual performance, then Read more


Does Dapovar Work? Dapover is a male enhancement product meant to help you control premature ejaculation. It claims to do this through all natural herbs and ingredients. The website for this product contains a lot of scientific sounding verbiage but does not back any of it up with scientific studies or double blind clinical studies. Read more

Deer Antler Plus

Does Deer Antler Plus Work? Deer Antler Plus is a male enhancement supplement meant to promote muscle building, strengthening your immune system and helping with joint paint. It also claims to help with male sexual health issues but the main draw seems to be the muscle building. The official website has numerous photos of muscle Read more


Does Deferol Work? Deferol is a male enhancement product made by Idist Laboratories which is based in the United States. The company that makes the product seems to have had some issues with the FDA but none of them have been health related and are mostly legal in nature. The main draw for this product Read more


Does Deserex Work? Deserex is yet another male enhancement product that promises to increase the size of your penis. The manufacturer claims that it accomplishes this with all natural herbs. It should be noted that there is no ingredient on earth that can increase the size of your penis. This company is relatively new, only Read more

Detain X™

Does it Work? Detain X™ is made in the U.S. by Ringold Nutritional Systems, a company started by American family physician Dr. Warren Ringold. According to the product website, ‘Detain X is a serotonin builder. The ingredients in this supplement have been shown to build serotonin levels. This is the only way that you can Read more

Dimensions XL

Does Dimensions XL Work? Dimensions XL which is now known as New Dimensions XL. The makers of this product claim it can help give you larger and harder erections. This implies (with the ‘larger’) that this product will make your penis larger. This is very misleading as no product on earth can make your penis Read more


Does Dioxadren Work? Dioxadren is a male enhancement formula That does not have an official website or source and is only available through third party retailers. This means there is no guarantee of quality and rarely a chance to get a refund. It is always better to purchase a product directly from the manufacturer. There Read more

Dr Maxman Reviews

Does Dr. Maxman Work? Dr. Maxman is a male enhancement supplement that promises a bigger penis. It can not live up to this promise since it is impossible to increase the size of your penis in any non-surgical way. The pill itself is a mix of vitamin E and soy proteins. The only Scitex Approved Read more

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