Aspire 36

Does Aspire 36 Work? Aspire 36 was a male enhancement product that has been forcibly recalled by the FDA. This recall was due to an independent laboratory study that found the product contained an undeclared amount of sildenafil. Sildenafil is the generic form of Viagra and though it is effective it is also dangerous to Read more


Does Attract RX Work? Attract RX is a pheromone releasing product that claims to naturally release the sexual pheremones in your body. The official website says the product works for men and women of all ages and sexual orientations. The manufacturer repeatedly cites TV shows and popular culture as it’s proof that the product works. Read more


Does Avela Work? Avela was a male enhancement product that does not seem to be on the market any longer. It was originally advertised as a male enhancement product with most of the marketing focused on the fact that it used Bioperine. The product is made by a Phoenix based company called Central Coast Nutraceuticals. Read more


Does Axcite Work? Axcite is a pheromone spray that is advertised to make the opposite sex more attracted to you. According to the products marketing it can also increase your ‘alpha male’ mentality and make you the social center of attention. The product allegedly contains Alpha Amp-LP7 Technology, the only place you can find this Read more


Does Axtyle Work? After a thorough review of Axtyle including an analysis of it’s ingredients we believe that though it would be possibly effective at male enhancement it may not work as well as advertised. Axtyle is an all natural male enhancement product made by a company that has gone a very long way to Read more


Does Aziffa Work? Aziffa was a male enhancement formula made by Novacare LLC. It was originally advertised as an all natural replacement for prescription erectile dysfunction drugs. This claim itself is somewhat strange since no natural ingredients can work the same as a prescription medication. Recently the FDA and Health Canada have both banned the Read more


Does Azikiwe Work? Azikiwe is a male enhancement product that is marketed as ‘Africa’s Secret.’ This is probably because the product contains Yohimbe. Yohimbe is the bark from an African tree that has been shown in laboratory tests to help with erection difficulties. The product is no longer available from any official source which makes Read more

Bali Mojo

Does Bali Mojo Work? Bali Mojo is a male enhancement product that is advertised as an erectile dysfunction cure. This is very misleading as it is illegal to make such a claim without being regulated by the FDA as erectile dysfunction is a medical condition and should be treated by a doctor. There is no Read more

Bathmate penis pump

Does Bathmate penis pump Work? The Bathmate penis pump is a plastic tube that is placed over the penis. Air is then pumped out of the tube and it slowly ‘stretches’ the penis. According to the marketing of the product this ‘stretching’ will increase the size of your penis by inches over time. There is Read more

Bazooka Pills

Do Bazooka Pills Work? Bazooka pills are male enhancement pills that claim to increase the size of your penis. While this is usually a minor ‘additional claim’ made by many male enhancement products this product’s marketing is based entirely around it. This is strange since the product simply can not make your penis any larger. Read more

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