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Does it Work? Expand Capsules are manufactured by Smart Life Labs, which sells the product on its own website as well as their company website. Like many male enhancement manufacturers, Smart Life Labs attempts to convince consumers that using the product will result in increased penile size This is simply blatantly dishonest; only an expensive Read more


Does Expanzite Work? Expanzite is a male enhancement product made by Life Smart Labs, a USA based company that doesn’t make any other supplements. The product is advertised as a way to increase the size of your penis amongst other things. To start with none of the ingredients found in this product can increase the Read more


Does Extagen Work? Extagen plus is a male enhancement product that is made by J3 labs inc which is based in Phoenix, USA. The product was first sold (from it’s official website) in February of 2002. It is marketed as a natural way to increase erection hardness, libido and help with other sexual health issues Read more


Does it Work? ExtaMax employs some of the classic male enhancement sales techniques to overstate the effectiveness of the product. The banner headline on their website says ‘Size Does Matter!’ attributed to Dr, Victoria Zdrok, PhD in Clinical Psychology, who appears in a video on the website describing exactly why most women prefer a man Read more


Does it Work? Extendaquin is made by a well established manufacturer of medications named Certified Natural Labs. According to their website, ‘Certified Natural Labs is s a leading contract manufacturer of custom formulations for the dietary supplement industry. We produce top-quality formulas for clients large and small, and offer the fastest turnaround time in the Read more


Does it Work? ExtendaRX is yet another male enhancement product which is falsely advertised as being capable of increasing penis size. Statements such as these pulled directly from the product website makes it clear that there is no mistaking the intent: ‘Common benefits from using ExtendaRX include increased penis size and girth, increased stamina, improved Read more


Does Extendmax Work? ExtendMax is a male enhancement product that does not seem to be on the market anymore. None of our research has revealed the reason as to why it was taken off the market but there is no evidence to suggest it was caused by any kind of government intervention as with some Read more


Does it Work? Extendor is a discontinued male enhancement supplement made by a company called Physicians Formula Lab Inc. Neither the product nor the company currently has a website, although Extendor is still available through online resellers. Obviously there is no scientific data to reference on Extendor,  no clinical trials or studies, no customer testimonials Read more


Does it Work? ExtendZine is made by an established health supplement manufacturer named Big Nutrition. Unfortunately, the company website does not provide any information about this product; no scientific data, no customer testimonials and no product guarantee or return/refund policy. Our assessment was therefore based on information about ExtendZine from other reviews and online resellers. Read more


Does Extenerex Work? Extenerex is a male enhancement product that claims to have the added benefit of helping with prostate health. It claims to do this with all natural ingredients. This product is made by Commonwealth Research Labs, a company that does not actually own any laboratories. It makes no other products and does not Read more

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