Does Eregra Work? Eregra is a male enhancement supplement that is made with Sildenafil which is a generic form of the drug that makes up Viagra. This product is illegal to sell in North America, specifically without a prescription and while not under the eye of the FDA. If you purchase this product and import Read more

Eregra Super

Does it Work? Eregra Super is manufactured by The Maximus Group in the United Kingdom. The company website states that Eregra Super is a ‘…100% HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS FORMULATED BY ANCIENT CHINESE HERBALISTS TO PRODUCE NATURAL RESULTS IN DEFEATING ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION.’ Unfortunately, the site does not provide any scientific data from any clinical trials or research Read more


Does Erexa Work? Erexa is a male enhancement product that is no longer on the market. This product was taken off the market forcibly by the FDA. This was due to an independent laboratory test that discovered the product contained undeclared amounts of sildenafil. Sildenafil is the generic form of Viagra that has serious side Read more


Does Erexanol Work? Erexanol is a male enhancement product that is meant to help with erection difficulties and low libido. The product itself is a cream that is applied directly to the penis and allegedly the natural ingredients give you an almost instant erection that you can use to have sex. This product is advertised Read more


Does it Work? The product is manufactured by PowerNutra, a well established company that also makes vitamins, weight loss and bodybuilding supplements. The company website states, ‘Erexin-V™ is completely safe, works immediately and can give you the SEXUAL POWER and pleasure you demand!’ Despite this bold claim, there is very little information available on the Read more


Does it Work? This product is apparently made in the United States by GSK/GlaxoSmithKline, a major pharmaceutical multinational corporation, though we found no mention of the product on the extensive company website and no individual product site for EreXite, which often indicates that a product may have been withdrawn or discontinued, though it is still Read more


MaleMega is a new supplement for men, claiming to be “Revitilizing Fuel For Men.” The company does not have a website for this product, therefore we are unable to verify its effectiveness due to lack of information and studies. An examination of the ingredients listed on the label, such as Omega-3 acids and resveratrol have Read more


Does it Work? EREXOR™ is manufactured by a company called Bionutricals International Inc., which makes a large number of vitamins, dietary, weight loss and body building supplements. The company website states, ‘Science has finally discovered a proven formula to enhance your manhood and improve sexual performance!’ The website initially seems very comprehensive, but it quickly becomes Read more


Does Erextra Work? Erextra is a male enhancement product that was recently placed on the FDA avoid list. The product has been fully recalled but can still be found at some third party retailers. It was originally meant to help with erection problems and the company that made it claimed it was all natural. The Read more

Eriacta 100

Does Eriacta 100 Work? Eriacta 100 is a male enhancement supplement made by a company that seems intent on hiding any information available about them. They have used proxy companies and privacy protectors to make it impossible to find out who they are, where they are located or really anything at all about them. This Read more

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