Erectify XL

Does Erectify XL Work? Erectify XL is a male enhancement product that is marketed as a cure for ED or erectile dysfunction. This is a strange claim to make as this is a natural product and to make a medical claim (ED is a medical condition) you must get FDA clearance. This product does not Read more


Does Erectinol Work? Erectinol is a male enhancement supplement meant to help with erection quality and low libido. It is marketed as being faster and better than all other male enhancement supplements. This statement has not been proven or backed up in any way beyond empty marketing gimmicks. This product has no official website, nor Read more

Erection RX

Does Erection RX Work? Erection RX is a male enhancement product made by someone named Andy. It does not have an umbrella company like many male enhancement products. This means it does not have the same expertise backing it as a company filled with specialists might have. Our research finds that this product has been Read more


Does Erectol Work? Erectol is a male enhancement product that no longer seems to be on the market. Though it is not available from any official source it can still be found at third party retailers. These should be avoided as any stock they may still have could be well beyond the ‘best before’ date Read more


Does Erectomax Work? Erectomax is a male enhancement product that allegedly advertises on a lot of major television networks. The ad they supposedly play is very low in quality and seems to have been done on a shoe string budget which is strange if they are playing that ad on networks that routinely charge hundreds Read more


Does it Work? Erectopril is manufactured by a company called The website states, ‘ERECTOPRIL is the only capsule that uses the newest advances in molecular science and body chemistry to produce a formula so effective that it’s guaranteed to work for you.’ For such a bold statement, there is nothing provided on the site Read more


Does Erectopril Work? Erectopril is a male enhancement product that is no longer on the market through any official source. It can still be purchased through third party retailers. We recommend avoiding these third parties as any stock they might have left could be well beyond the ‘best before’ date and could be dangerous to Read more


Does it Work? This is yet another male enhancement product that dishonestly claims to increase penis size. From the ErectZ website; ‘If you are one of those millions of men who remain depressed because of their poor erections or early ejaculation, there is some good news for you. It is naturally possible to not just Read more

ErectZan Review

The company that makes ErectZan has gone out of it’s way to hide who they are. The domain name has been registered with a proxy company and there is no mention of the company on the official Erectzan website. This is worrying as no company should need to do this, a trustworthy company will always Read more


Does Erecxel Work? Erecxel is a male enhancement product that comes as rubber band like things that are placed over the penis. These are meant to help guide blood into the penis causing and maintaining an erection. The marketing for the product mentions ED and other medical erection issues and proclaims that their product can Read more

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