Does EnhanceXL Work? Enhance XL is a male enhancement supplement that is no longer on the market. The company that made the product has released a new product to replace this one. This implies that the supplement was not taken off the market due to health concerns or FDA involvement. One of the many claims Read more

Enlarge Maxx

Does Enlarge Maxx Work? Enlarge Maxx is a male enhancement supplement that allegedly increases the size of your penis using all natural herbs. This is very misleading as it is impossible to to make your penis any larger with any known herbs or ingredients. The only way to do so is with surgery that is Read more


Does Enlargel Work? Enlargel is a male enhancement product that claims to increase the size of your penis. Somehow this cream that is rubbed onto the penis will make your penis larger. This is very misleading marketing as it is impossible for any herb or ingredient to make your penis any larger. The only way Read more


Does Enlargo Work? Enlargo is a male enhancement product made by a company that seems to want to hide any identifying information. The company has used a proxy service and various other filters to make it impossible to find them. This makes it very hard to lodge any kind of official complaint. This is worrying Read more


Does Enlast Work? Enlast is a male enhancement product that is marketed as a way to stop (or reduce) premature ejaculation. It claims to do this with a mix of all natural ingredients that ‘numb’ your penis so that you last longer during sex. It is possible that this product could cause erection difficulties. The Read more


Does it Work? The Entramax® website states that ‘Entramax® was designed to increase nitric oxide in the blood to produce a firmer, larger erection. You should see an increase in size if you take Entramax® as directed, although we can’t say how thick, wide or larger you’re going to get. We also include a special Read more

Enzyte Reviews

Does Enzyte Work? Enzyte is best known for the ‘Smiling Bob’ commercials that used to be on television a few years ago. The ads advertised it as a ‘natural male enhancement’ supplement. This led many to believe it helped increase the size of your penis. The website doesn’t try to dissuade from this; only mentioning ‘harder erections’ Read more


Does Epitor Work? Epitor is a male enhancement product made by a company of the same name. The company is relatively new and does not make any other products. The company advertises this product as 2010’s best male enhancer. It does not say which publication gave it that rating (if any at all) and what Read more


Does ErecAid Work? ErectAid is a male enhancement product that is used to help men who have trouble getting an erection achieve one. It uses ‘vacuum technology’ to suck the blood from the surrounding areas into your penis and help you maintain the resulting erection. While most companies that make similar product make the impossible Read more


Does Erectaphen Work? Erectaphen is a male enhancement product that does not seem to be available from any official website but only through third party retailers. Our research shows the product itself may have been discontinued. There is no word on if it was discontinued due to a government mandated recall or not. For this Read more

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