Does it Work?

The product website states that ‘Unlike oral supplements, Enlargel is a transdermal, the active ingredients absorb directly into the penile tissue. This helps to maximize the effect of the ingredients and to ensure that the power of Enlargel’s proprietary formula is delivered directly to the intended target.’

However, the website does not provide any evidence to support the claim that a topical gel is a better delivery system for a male enhancement product than the more common digestible supplements available on the market.

The Enlargel website openly suggests that the product can increase the size of the user’s penis, which is completely dishonest.

Statements such as:

‘Releases several vasodilators that work together causing the individual pores of the sponge like tissue comprising the majority of the penis (corpus cavernosum) to dilate and expand beyond normal capacity, making them capable of holding more blood - thus, enlarging the penis,’


‘Softens the penile tissue causing it to be significantly more responsive to growth oriented penile exercise,’ falsely claim that Enlargel can physically increase penis size; this is simply untrue.

Only an expensive and invasive surgical operation is capable of doing that. 

Any male enhancement product or manufacturer who claims to do otherwise is willfully engaging in fraudulent advertising.

Enlargel contains three of the top five ingredients scientifically proven to be essential for the effectiveness of male enhancement products: 

-          Horny Goat Weed/Epimedium, which increases sexual desire

-          Tribulus Terrestris, which increases testosterone levels

-          L-Arginine, which stimulates nitric oxide that relaxes the muscles surrounding the blood vessels leading to the penis, increasing blood flow

It also contains a number of other ingredients commonly found in many male enhancement products such as Maca, Saw Palmetto, Muira Puama, Nettle root and Ginkgo Biloba, which all claim to have aphrodisiac properties.

Unfortunately there is no indication as to the quantities of these substances found in Enlargel, making it impossible to determine the effectiveness of the product.

More troubling is the fact that Enlargel also contains Yohimbe, a substance derived from the bark of an African tree of the same name; it’s also known as ‘yohimbine.’

Many manufacturers of male enhancement products include Yohimbe, claiming it has been used by men in the region for centuries as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

However, the FDA has flagged Yohimbe as a substance of concern, for its capacity to induce a range of negative health issues, from headaches, dizziness, anxiety and insomnia to hallucinations, hypertension, seizures and renal (kidney) failure.

We therefore strongly caution against the use of any male enhancement product which contains Yohimbe.

Enlargel has a 30 day money back guarantee, stating, ‘Enlargel offers a 30 day money back guarantee, stating, ‘If you are not 100% completely satisfied, you may return all unused product to us for a full refund, less a 15% processing fee and applicable shipping and handling costs.

Returns must be post marked no more than 30 days from the date of purchase to qualify for this refund policy, as late returns will not be accepted. Items purchased through special offer are not eligible for return.’

Enlargel is also quite expensive; a 2 oz. bottle or 30 day supply costs $59.95.

Customer Reviews

The Enlargel website includes three very terse customer testimonials, none of which generate much confidence in the product, for example;

‘I noticed a difference in size after the first two weeks. This is the solution that I have been seeking for some time. Thank you so much for taking the time to create such an amazing product. I will be recommending it to my friends…. well, maybe only my closest friends


Is it a scam?

Although Enlargel contains three essential ingredients, there is simply not enough product information or scientific data to verify its effectiveness.

We therefore do not recommend the use of Enlargel as a credible male enhancement product.

Our Top 2 Male Enhancement Recommendations for 2011


Quick Overview
Effectiveness: 98/100
Consumer Reviews: 95/100
Quality of Ingredients: 97/100
Cost: 80/100
Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Days  
Retail Price: $59.99  

We choose Zenerx as our top product for 2011 because of the company’s commitment to male health. They use only the best ingredients in their supplement, have a 90 day money back guarantee and triple test their supplement before it’s shipped. Oh yeah, it also works amazingly well.

Read the full review here or visit their official website Zenerx.com for the best prices available.

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus
Quick Overview
Effectiveness: 85/100
Consumer Reviews: 90/100
Quality of Ingredients: 80/100
Cost: 70/100
Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Days  
Retail Price: $79.99  

This year, VigRX Plus impressed us with their commitment to male health. Not only did they do a double blind human clinical study of their product to prove it works, they also offer a 60 day money back guarantee. They don’t take part in auto shipping practices and understand that men want a product that works.

While VigRX Plus is a great #2 product, with Zenerx you get more for your money and a more effective product.

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