The Scitex #1 Choice for 2016 is Zenerx

Zenerx is our top pick this year for male enhancement. We made this decision based on the quality of the ingredients used, the length of the guarantee and the numerous customer testimonials. Not only that, the product is backed by a medical doctor.

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Does it Work?

The product website states that the maker of AlphaViril™, HFL Solutions Inc. ‘has been in the nutritional supplementation and nutraceutical business since 1992.’

It goes on to say ‘AlphaViril™ is the first doctor designed + endocrinologist and urologist endorsed, 100% ALL natural and clinically proven product to effectively increase your SEX DRIVE (both physical AND mental desires).

Like many manufacturers in the male enhancement industry, HFL Solutions Inc. makes these impressive sounding claims but provides absolutely no evidence whatsoever to support them.

Nowhere on the website for example, will you find an endorsement of AlphaViril™ from an endocrinologist or urologist, and no physician takes credit for ‘designing’ the supplement.

It is not surprising then to find that the site includes no reference to any clinical trials or studies which would verify the product’s claims, nor are there any customer testimonials promoting its benefits.

AlphaViril™ contains four of the top five ingredients scientifically proven to be essential to the effectiveness of male enhancement products:

-          Tongkat Ali/Eurycoma Longifolia, which increases testosterone levels

-          Tribulus Terrestris and Horny Goat Weed/Epimedium, which both increase sexual desire

-          L-Arginine, which stimulates nitric oxide which relaxes the muscles surrounding the blood vessels leading to the penis, increasing blood flow

Unfortunately, the product also contains Yohimbe (also called ‘yohimbine’), a substance derived from the bark of a West African tree of the same name, apparently used in the region for centuries as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The FDA has flagged Yohimbe as a substance of concern for its ability to cause headaches, dizziness, anxiety, insomnia, hallucinations, hypertension, seizures and renal (kidney) failure.

As a result, we strongly advise against the use of any male enhancement product which contains Yohimbe.

The website lists a variety of different quantity references regarding the ingredients, making it difficult to determine what volume of each substance is actually contained in AlphaViril™.

The company offers a one year money back guarantee, stating ‘We believe in complete customer satisfaction. This is reflected in our unprecedented ONE YEAR Guarantee that’s NOT matched by any other nutritional supplement company!’

After filling out an online form, customers will receive additional information on the return/refund policy.

AlphaViril™ cleverly offers their auto shipping program as a sales option, whereby customers receive a discount on a single bottle of the product. 

Auto shipping is a common industry tactic which automatically bills and ships additional supplies of the product each month.  It’s often well disguised by manufacturers and commonly generates a number of customer complaints.

In the case of AlphaViril™, they at least offer consumers a reason to opt in to the auto ship program, rather than deceiving them into it, which happens quite frequently.

Customer Reviews

There are no customer testimonials presented on the AlphaViril™website. 

Neither the company nor the product has generated any customer dissatisfaction on the major complaint boards however.

Is AlphaViril™ a scam?

HFL Solutions appears to be a reputable company, but they simply do not provide sufficient information on their website regarding AlphaViril™.

Therefore, we cannot recommend the use of AlphaViril™ as a viable male enhancement product.

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1Zenerx (455mg) - Staff’s #1 Pick

Quick Overview
Consumer Reviews:
Quality of Ingredients:
Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Days  
Editor's Score 93 out of 100

We choose Zenerx as our top product for 2016 because of the company’s commitment to male health. They use only the best ingredients in their supplement, have a 90 day money back guarantee and triple test their supplement before it’s shipped. Oh yeah, it also works amazingly well.