Zenerx Reviews

1 Bottle – Zenerx Only $59.95 Buy 2 Bottles & Get 1 Bottle FREE! Only $119.90 Most Popular Buy 3 Bottles & Get 2 Bottles FREE! Only $179.85 Best Value Does Zenerx work? After a scientific review and checks of each individual ingredient in Zenerx, we have come to the conclusion that it is one Read more

VigRX Plus Reviews

1 Bottle Only $76.99 Does VigRX Plus work? The makers of the herbal enhancement product VigRX Plus (Leading Edge Health) are one of the few companies to do a double blind human clinical trial of their product. This means that they had a group of participants taking VigRX Plus while another group was taking a Read more

Mojoblast Review

1 Bottle Only $64.95 Does it work? Mojoblast is a male enhancement product that promises harder erections and an increased libido. Our researchers believe that it would be effective in doing this but would like more evidence. The ingredients used by the product are known to work and are a part of most male enhancement Read more

Progene Reviews

1 Bottle Only $69.95 Does Progene Work? After a thorough review of the ingredients and potency of Progene we believe that the product is mildly effective at best and is not nearly as powerful as the company advertises. The active ingredient in Progene is L-Arginine HCI. Each dose contains 1000mg of this ingredient which has Read more

112 Degrees

Does 112 Degrees Work? 112 Degrees is a male enhancement supplement made by Life Span Labs which is based in Portland, Oregon. The product is endorsed by a Dr. Laux who is not a medical doctor but is instead a naturopathic doctor, a field of study that is not fully recognized by the medical community. Read more

Actigain Reviews

Does Actigain Work? In researching Actigain, we have determined that it is indeed an all natural male enhancement product, but we have some issues with both the company and the product as it is advertised on its website. The product is manufactured by a Canadian company that identifies itself simply as ‘Actigain,’ and which provides Read more

ActionMax for Men

Does ActionMax work? The manufacturer of ActionMax for Men, Country Life Vitamins, advertises the product as ‘An Herbalized Nutrient Complex Yohimbe and Tribulus Terrestris.’ Yohimbe is a substance derived from the bark of an African tree of the same name; it is also known as ‘yohimbine.’ The FDA has identified Yohimbe as a substance of Read more

Active OTC Power Strips

Do Active OTC Power Strips Work? Active OTC Power Strips are a male enhancement product that are placed on the tongue in a similar fashion to many breath fresheners. The product then melts and the herbs enter your system just like any other supplement. This seems to be the products only defining feature, which in Read more


Does Actra-SX Work? Actra-SX has one of the worst websites of any male enhancement product we have reviewed. Manufactured by a company called Vitamax, there is no product information regarding the ingredients in Actra-SX, no data from clinical studies or trials verifying its effectiveness or customer testimonials promoting its benefits. The entire purpose of the Read more

Advanced Yohimbe Plus

Does Advanced Yohimbe Plus work? Many male enhancement products include the use of Yohimbe in their ingredients.  The substance is derived from the bark of a West African tree of the same name, and is also known as ‘yohimbine.’ It has apparently been used as a male enhancer in the region for centuries. However, the Read more

Advantage RX

Does Advantage RX Work? Advantage RX is a male enhancement product that does not seem to be on the market anymore. Though it’s not available from any official source you can still purchase it at some third party retailers. It is recommended that you avoid them as any product they may have left could be Read more


Does AlivEL100 Work? Alivel100 is a male enhancement product whose main focus seems to be on increasing testosterone in older men who have had their testosterone naturally depleted with age. It claims to do this with a mix of all natural herbs. This product is made by Newport Nutritionals, a supplement and vitamin company. Though Read more

Alpha Male Ultimate Formula

Does it Work? Herbal Powers, the manufacturers of Alpha Male Ultimate Formula, have an impressive website; however they could have provided more information about this product. According to the website, Alpha Male Ultimate Formula ‘is an effective sexual fitness formula, specially formulated to naturally invigorate sexual response and desire.’ The product does contain two of Read more


Does it Work? The product website states that the maker of AlphaViril™, HFL Solutions Inc. ‘has been in the nutritional supplementation and nutraceutical business since 1992.’ It goes on to say ‘AlphaViril™ is the first doctor designed + endocrinologist and urologist endorsed, 100% ALL natural and clinically proven product to effectively increase your SEX DRIVE Read more

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