The Scitex #1 Choice for 2016 is Zenerx

Zenerx is our top pick this year for male enhancement. We made this decision based on the quality of the ingredients used, the length of the guarantee and the numerous customer testimonials. Not only that, the product is backed by a medical doctor.

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Xcitement Plus

Xcitement Plus is a unisex enhancement product manufactured by the well reputed Australian company Totally Natural Products. Xcitement Plus promises to provide relief from the fatigue and anxiety surrounding a decrease in the libido. Xcitement Plus aims to revitalize the sexual appetite while promoting enhanced sexual endurance. One capsule taken daily is the recommended dosage.

The website for Totally Natural Products is incredibly well designed, informative and easy to navigate. The manufacturer provides a naturopath in the customer care centre who can be reached during appropriate business hours regarding any questions or concerns a consumer may have. Totally Natural Products manufactures numerous other supplements that approach holistic health.

Unfortunately, no products can be purchased directly through the manufacturer’s website. Xcitement Plus is available through numerous online and in store retailers, all of which are based out of either Australia or New Zealand. On average, most retailers are offering a box of thirty capsules at a price point of $64.95. Refund policies will be left to the discretion of each vendor carrying Xcitement Plus.


The manufacturer provides a detailed account of the ingredients included in the Xcitement Plus formula. Horny Goat Weed, Muira Puama and Avena Sativa are all included as powerful natural aphrodisiacs. Tribulus Terrestris increases testosterone levels in the system and also acts as a natural aphrodisiac. Korean Ginseng allows for enhance sexual stamina. Zinc is included as it improves circulation and promotes reproduction.

We find it slightly disconcerting that a unisex product does not have separate formulas or recommended dosages for men and women. While these ingredients might be effective in both sexes, dosages would likely need to be altered due to basic differences in genetic makeup.


Unfortunately, Totally Natural Products does not provide any customer testimonials or clinical data on the effectiveness of its products. We have not been able to find any testimonials through enhancement forums either. This is not as surprising considering we would have to have insight into the Australian enhancement market in order to discover how Xcitement Plus is fairing.

Is it a scam?

Xcitement Plus may be successful in re-awakening the libido and allowing for enhanced sexual endurance. Unfortunately, there really isn’t any way for us to find out. The manufacturer provides no clinical proof of its effectiveness and we would have to contact an Australian based drug store in order to purchase the product and sample it. With literally hundreds of enhancement products available in the North American market, we recommend that you pass on efforts of purchasing Xcitement Plus and choose a product closer to home. We also recommend that you focus on products that bear in mind the differences between sexes, in the development of their products.

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1Zenerx (455mg) - Staff’s #1 Pick

Quick Overview
Consumer Reviews:
Quality of Ingredients:
Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Days  
Editor's Score 93 out of 100

We choose Zenerx as our top product for 2016 because of the company’s commitment to male health. They use only the best ingredients in their supplement, have a 90 day money back guarantee and triple test their supplement before it’s shipped. Oh yeah, it also works amazingly well.