Does Semenax Work?

Semenax is a male enhancement supplement that focuses on increases the amount of semen you ejaculate during orgasm. According to the products marketing this leads to ‘the most intense orgasms of your life.’ It should be noted that there is no scientific evidence that this product would help with procreation.

Semenax is manufactured by Leading Edge Marketing Inc who also make VigRX Plus. Whilst vigRX plus has gone through a human double blind clinical trial, this product has not. At the time of this writing there is no scientific evidence that suggests any of the ingredients in this product would increase the semen produced in an orgasm.

Most of the ingredients found in this product such as L-argnine and Zinc have been proven to help with other sexual health issues such as erection difficulties and low libido.

The company that makes this product has an A- rating with the BBB and a few complaints to be found online but not many. The company is based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Side Effects

This product is all natural and after a thorough review of the ingredients found within we believe the product is safe. It is always possible that an ingredient will react negatively with a prescription drug you may be taking. It is also possible that the product may be dangerous if you have a preexisting heart condition or blood condition.

It should be mentioned again that though the ingredients would probably be effective for male enhancement based on scientific studies, there is no proof that they would help with increasing the amount of semen ejaculated during orgasm.

You should always speak with a doctor before starting any form of supplementation.

Customer Reviews

This product has an A- rating with the BBB which is incredibly high (especially for the popularity of the company) and has a few negative reviews to be found online. These mostly claim the product does not work for them.

Here is one customer comment:
“I was with my girlfriend one night. I have been taking Semenax, and as we were having sex, I lasted longer. When the moment came for me to orgasm, it was the greatest feeling I’ve ever felt, it lasted longer, and a lot more came out. Thank you!”

Is it a scam?

This product would probably be helpful with male enhancement issues such as low libido and erection issues but there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that this product would help with increasing the amount of semen you produce.

Our Top 2 Male Enhancement Recommendations for 2011


Quick Overview
Effectiveness: 98/100
Consumer Reviews: 95/100
Quality of Ingredients: 97/100
Cost: 80/100
Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Days  
Retail Price: $59.99  

We choose Zenerx as our top product for 2011 because of the company’s commitment to male health. They use only the best ingredients in their supplement, have a 90 day money back guarantee and triple test their supplement before it’s shipped. Oh yeah, it also works amazingly well.

Read the full review here or visit their official website for the best prices available.

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus
Quick Overview
Effectiveness: 85/100
Consumer Reviews: 90/100
Quality of Ingredients: 80/100
Cost: 70/100
Money-Back Guarantee: 60 Days  
Retail Price: $79.99  

This year, VigRX Plus impressed us with their commitment to male health. Not only did they do a double blind human clinical study of their product to prove it works, they also offer a 60 day money back guarantee. They don’t take part in auto shipping practices and understand that men want a product that works.

While VigRX Plus is a great #2 product, with Zenerx you get more for your money and a more effective product.

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