Yohimbe 451

Does it Work? Yohimbe 451 is manufactured by GNC (the General Nutrition Centre). GNC is a reputable company, well known for manufacturing effective products and supplements addressing various health needs. The product is named after the fact that the product contains 451 mg of Yohimbe Bark in its formula. A bottle of sixty capsules can Read more

YY Pro

Does it Work? YY Pro is an all natural male enhancement product that promises to reinvigorate your sexual appetite while providing for a firmer, longer lasting erection and enhanced sexual stamina. The product recommends taking one capsule approximately forty five minutes before an intimate encounter. Ingredients are said to remain active within the system for Read more


Does it Work? Z-tropin is an enhancement product that comes in the form of an oral spray. This is a unique form of delivery in the enhancement industry. It is possible the manufacturer believed an oral delivery would provide faster absorption of ingredients into the blood stream, though this is merely speculation. Z-tropin appears to Read more

Zencore scam

Does Zencore Work? Zencore is a male enhancement product that claims it can increase the hardness and frequency of your erection. According to Health Canada and various other groups it is a dangerous substance. According to their website they increase the hardness and frequency of your erections by: “Zencore Plus utilizes a coumarin isolated from Read more


Does it Work? Zialipro™ is an all natural male enhancement product on the market that promises to provide a stronger, firmer erection while reinvigorating your sexual appetite, providing energy for enhanced sexual endurance, provide longer lasting, more pleasurable orgasms and treat the anxiety often associated with erectile dysfunction. Zialipro™ is to be taken approximately forty Read more


Does it Work? Ziapro is an all natural male enhancement product that promises to provide treatment for difficulties with erectile dysfunction and a lack of sexual desire. The product recommends that one product be taken within thirty minutes of an expected sexual encounter. Ziapro promises to provide for a boost in sexual stamina, increase the Read more


Does it Work? Zimaxx is one of those products available on the enhancement market that promises to be the all natural miracle cure to erectile dysfunction. Zimaxx promises to provide larger, firmer erection, a reinvigorated sexual appetite and a significant increase in sexual stamina. One capsule taken approximately forty five minutes before a sexual encounter Read more


Does Ziprin Work? Ziprin is a male enhancement supplement that does not seem to be on the market any more. Our research shows that it was probably not forced out of the market by any regulation or the FDA but most likely failed financially. The product was originally advertised as a natural replacement for Viagra Read more


Does Zirex Work? Zirex is a male enhancement product which by some sources is made by Pure Energy Labs. This product does not seem to be on the market any more. This does not seem to have been caused by a recall or any legal issues. This product may not be on the market anymore Read more


Does it work? Zotrex was marketed as an all natural male supplement within the enhancement market that promised to provide the same results as prescription enhancements like Viagra and Cialis. Zotrex was manufactured by a company called ‘TSN Labs’, a company based out of Utah. Novacare LLC, another company out of Utah undertook the marketing Read more

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