Weekend Prince

Weekend Prince is a male enhancement tablet designed to provide larger, firmer erections during sexual stimulation, while providing treatment for erectile dysfunction and enhancing desire for sexual arousal. There are currently no active websites for either; the product or its manufacturer, so we are going strictly on information found through previous clients, retail vendors and Read more


Manufactured by a company called ‘Aidi Health Foods’ based out of China, Wodibo is marketed as an overall enhancement for male sexual health. The product boasts that it accomplishes this, by using a blend of traditional Chinese herbs. Because of the language barrier between the North American and Chinese markets, it’s difficult to ascertain exactly Read more


WydenZ is a product in the male enhancement market that promises to increase the girth of the penis through extended use. Two capsules taken daily is the recommended dosage for achieving optimal results. The products website actually goes so far as to claim that men who have smaller penises provide for poor performance in the Read more

X-Treme V

X-Treme V is a unique male enhancement product as it comes in a liquid formula. The product is taken sublingually under the tongue and held for a short period of time before swallowed. The X-Treme V formula will reportedly be effective in the system within a fifteen minute period from intake. X-Treme V can only Read more


X-Zyte is an all natural male enhancement product that promises to boost sexual desire, provide a fuller, stronger erection and allow for extended sexual stamina. X-Zyte is manufactured by a company called ‘Jenasol Vitamins’ based out of Utah. Jenasol Vitamins provide a very cohesive, professional website with a customer care department available during office hours Read more


Does X4Labs Work? X4labs makes a line of ‘penis extension’ devices that claim to increase the size of your penis by pulling on it slowly over time. These devices are designed to be warn for hours at a time and according to the official website are ‘clinically proven’ to work. Not only are the clinical Read more

Xanogen Reviews

Does Xanogen Work? Xanogen uses ingredients that have been proven to work but you can get similar results with a product that costs half the price. The active ingredient in Xanogen seems to be horny goat weed, an herb that increases libido and sends more blood to the penis. The herb was originally discovered thousands Read more

Xantho RX

Xantho RX, like many enhancement products on the market, is being advertised as the revolutionary drug in the enhancement field. Xantho RX is designed to increase penis length, enhance sexual arousal and provide for stronger erections during sexual stimulation. Produced by a manufacturer called Bio Vita, Xantho RX is basically telling the consumer that it Read more


Xantrin is a topical cream designed to prevent premature ejaculation and promote enhanced sexual stamina. The products website recommends massaging the cream into the body of the penis approximately fifteen minutes before an expected sexual interaction. At first glance, the products website appears very professional. Upon investigation however, the product does more alluding than providing Read more

Xcitement Plus

Xcitement Plus is a unisex enhancement product manufactured by the well reputed Australian company Totally Natural Products. Xcitement Plus promises to provide relief from the fatigue and anxiety surrounding a decrease in the libido. Xcitement Plus aims to revitalize the sexual appetite while promoting enhanced sexual endurance. One capsule taken daily is the recommended dosage. Read more

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