Does Libigrow Work? Libigrow is a male enhancement supplement made by True 2 Beauty Inc. The company makes various vitamins and supplements, most to do with male sexual health issues. The company has only been around since 2005 but seems to have built up quite the following in that time. The main marketing for this Read more


Does Libilov Work? Libilov is a male enhancement product made by Nutrica Inc, a supplement and vitamin company. The product is advertised to help with male sexual health issues such as low libido and erection problems. There is almost no information available on the company that makes the product or how the product is made. Read more


Does Libitrol Work? Libitrol is a male enhancement product made by Direct Alternatives LLC, an alternative healthcare company based in the United States. There is very little information about the umbrella company that makes the product making it hard to lodge any kind of official complaint. The company advertises a 30-day risk free trial of Read more


Does Libup Work? Libup is a ‘sexual stimulant’ style male enhancement product. Implying that it is used before sex to help with erection problems and to increase libido. The product does not seem to have an official website and after thorough research we believe the product has been discontinued. This product is no longer available Read more

Liddell Vital

Does Liddell Vital Work? Lidell Vital is a male enhancement product that is made with homeopathic ideals. It is the belief that ingredients diluted to such a degree that they basically are no longer in the product will effect your ‘body energy’ in a way that will be beneficial to your health. The product is Read more

Liquid Rise

Does Liquid Rise Work? Liquid Rise is a male enhancement product that is simply added to a beverage of choice and consumed immediately before sex. It is claimed that you’ll get harder erections ‘instantly.’ This is a strange claim to make as no herbal product on earth can work instantly. Herbs by their very nature Read more


Does LJ100 Work? LJ100 is a male enhancement product made by Herbal Powers, a supplement company that does not have an official website or source of information. There are numerous website available for this product that all have similar designs and almost the exact same text. The company that makes it might be attempting to Read more


Does Longinexx Work? Longinexx is a male enhancement formula that claims to use ‘rapid expansion technology’ to increase the size of your penis. This is incredibly misleading as there is no ingredient or technology on earth that can make your penis larger. The only way to increase the size of your penis is through expensive Read more

Longings for Men

Does Longings for Men Work? Longings for Men is a male enhancement supplement that is meant to help with low libido, erection problems and increase the size of your penis. While the first two claims are plausible the third is very misleading. This product will and can not increase the size of your penis. In Read more


Does LongJax Work? LongJax is a male enhancement supplement that is based around Eurycoma longifolia Jack or as it’s better known: Long Jack. This ingredient has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Just because it has been in use for so long does not by any means make it effective. Only scientific scrutiny and Read more

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